"Pillars of growth for the Greek economy"

About the Forum

The forum “PRIVATE EQUITY & VENTURE CAPITAL - Pillars of growth for the Greek economy” aims to bring together high caliber speakers from the PE-VC sector to discuss about the vast business opportunities that lie across different sectors of the Greek Economy.

The aim of the first panel is to host heads of Funds to discuss about the vast opportunities that lie in the Greek Economy and if it is the right timing to invest in its sectors. What are the Myths and realities of Private Equity Investments in Greece? How can you get your company funded by international private equity funds, boost growth and global exposure? What is the Guide for Small Medium Enterprises to seek funds in the global arena?

Wherever you look around you hear about Startups, Accelerators, new ventures! Is this a bubble? Is this a change in the Greek mentality? Is there any R.O.I. (return on investment) for the investors that decided to get into Greek startups one or two years ago? Where are we heading? What is the compass we need to have as this environment getting very dynamic? What are the investment methodologies of the funds and how can be bridged with the Startups Ecosystem? How can early stage, high tech companies in Europe can be accelerated?

Heads of the Jeremie Funds will present and discuss the first results of their investments after a full year of operation. What is the investment philosophy and methodologies as well as the value they offer to the Greek Technology Startups Ecosystem.

On the third panel you will hear business case studies from Greek entrepreneurs that achieved to become global and take their businesses in another model. They will share their experience and exchange their thoughts and concerns of their business adventure.