"Can Private Equity, Venture Capital and Startups
be one of the Solutions
to the Problematic Greek Economy"

Photo Gallery

First Day: June 21st, 2012

Private Equity

Panayotopoulos L.

Goudinakos S.


Koulis N.

Pilitsis L.

Papadopoulos G.


Goudinakos S., Pilitsis L., Koulis N., Papadopoulos G.

Goudinakos S., Papadopoulos G, Tzellos P., Koulis N., Pilitsis L.

Kiritsis C.

Koutsoyannopoulos G.

Persidis A.

Sanchez-P. J-A.

Sanchez-P. J-A., Koutsoyannopoulos G., Persidis A., Kiritsis C.

Gogos R., Charami D.

Tsigos D.

Papadopoulos P.

Theoharakis V.

Veremis M.

Theoharakis V., Veremis M., Papadopoulos P., Tsigos D.

Second Day: June 22nd, 2012



Spirtounias E.

Skrekas N.

Pilitsis L.

Mallios K.

Krokidis X.

Papaioannou D.

Skrekas N., Pilitsis P., Mallios K., Krokidis X., Papaioannou D.

Papaioannou D., Krokidis X., Pilitsis P., Skrekas N.


Constantinou A.

Nikolopoulos V.

Ballas A.

Drandakis N.

Constantinou A., Nikolopoulos V., Ballas A., Drandakis N.

Kolovou V.

Palandjian O.

Kokoni Z.

Tzellos P., Kokoni Z., Kolovou V., Palandjian O.

Constantinou A.

Manglis A.

Kikidis J.

Nikolaidis J.

Voulgaris G.

Kikidis J., Voulgaris G., Kolovou V., Manglis A., Nikolaidis J.