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October 26 2010

Cotsen Hall:
The American School
of Classical Studies
at Athens
Anapiron Polemou 9
10676, Kolonaki (Athens)

Organized by Financial Academy
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Speakers of Panels Coordinators of Panels
Draganidis Fotis, Ph.D. Goudinakos Stratos
Farmaki Teresa Tessaromatis Nicholaos, Ph.D.
Georgiadis Sakis Tsigos Dimitris
Haritakis Nikolaos, Ph.D.  
Kalekos Athanasios  
Katsioulas Tom  
Korres Yiorgos [George]  
Logotheti Maria  
Lymperopoulou Antigoni  
Makios Vasilios, Ph.D.  
Markopoulos Antonis, Ph.D.  
Mitkas Periklis, Ph.D.  
Palantzian Onic  
Panayotopoulos Litsa  
Parthimos George  
Pilitsis Loukas  
Siokos Stavros, Ph.D.  
Staikouras Christos, Ph.D.  
Stratakis Dimitris  

Draganidis Fotis, Ph.D. - Operations Manager of the Microsoft Innovation Center

  Fotis Draganidis holds a PhD from National Technical University of Athens in the fields of competency management with semantic web technologies and an MBA from the same university.

He has worked for 10 years for Microsoft Hellas as an Academic Programs Manager, responsible for technology transfer and support of innovative ideas in the Greek academic community.

Since 2009 he is the Operations Manager of the Microsoft Innovation Center in Greece. The Microsoft Innovation Center was inaugurated in 2008 by Bill Gates and its purpose is το strengthen innovation and drive competitiveness by focusing on local skills and

supporting students, entrepreneurs and ISVs to develop and implement innovative software solutions.

Opening Panel II Remarks

Farmaki Teresa - Member of the Open Fund Executive Board
and CIO of Venture Capital & Private Equity - Piraeus Bank

  Ms Teresa Farmaki is currently Chief Investment Officer of Piraeus Equity Advisors Ltd in Athens, the vehicle for all the Private Equity and Venture Capital activities of Piraeus Group.

Ms Farmaki is also in charge of the group's clean energy sector principal investments. As CIO she evaluates a wide spectrum of investments in terms of sector, size and maturity.

Teresa initiated the venture capital effort within Piraeus Group, which in the end of 2008 materialized with the set up of the Piraeus-TANEO Capital Fund, where she served as first CEO. In the end of 2009 she participated in the launch of the private equity fund

Piraeus Clean Energy L.P., where she is the fund manager. She joined Piraeus Bank in September 2007.

Previously, she worked for UBS Investment Bank in Mergers & Acquisitions in London and in Power and Renewable Energy in New York. She started her professional career in 2000 and has worked in several positions in asset management and consulting.

Ms Farmaki has received a BSc in Economics from the National and Capodistrian University of Athens and an MBA from Columbia Business School in New York with particular focus in Entrepreneurship and Finance.

Early Stages of Venture Capital in Greece. Case study: Openfund

Description of the topic will be announced soon

Georgiadis Sakis - Principal Hermes GPE

  Mr. Georgiadis is responsible for the analysis, due diligence and monitoring of European funds and co-investments. He also coordinates Hermes GPE's asset allocation and strategy research. Sakis has seven years of private equity experience and plays a key role in determining and implementing the European investment strategy. In addition to leading the due diligence of a variety of Pan European and country-specific funds and co-investment opportunities, he represents Hermes GPE on the advisory boards of a number of European funds and the Board of Directors of two co-investment companies.

Previously, Sakis spent two years as a strategy consultant at LEK

Consulting. He carried out commercial due diligence on a number of private equity transactions covering a wide range of industries. Within these projects his responsibilities included financial modelling, discussions with market participants, review of market opportunity and competitor analysis. He was previously a junior consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Athens. He began his career at HSBC Securities as a member of the private banking client desk in Athens. He has a BSc Economics from the University of Warwick, an M.Phil in Finance from Judge Business School-University of Cambridge and Investment Management Certificate.

Private Equity: Ιnvesting in a changing economic environment. Global perspectives and relevance of the asset class to Greece and the Balkan region in a lower growth environment

Description of the topic will be announced soon

Goudinakos Stratos - Board Member ATE Bank

  Goudinakos Stratos,a veteran floor trader, has been actively involved in Investment Banking and Asset Management for over 18 years.

Started out at London's LIFFE as an options market maker/Director of Investments, built and managed complex derivative portfolios (inter - intra volatility spread structures).

On his return to Greece joined NBG Group, Head Derivatives & Proprietary Trading; managed the desks of market making, arbitrage and sales, set up an international prop desk and was also responsible for hedging the bank's bond book.

In succession moved to NBG's asset management, Chief Investment Manager.

Then, participated (partner) in the buyout of an investment company and its extensive restructuring; in addition, developed and started up Ulysses Global Macro Hedge Fund which invested mainly in high grade markets on currencies, bonds, stocks, indices and commodities.

Moreover, a member of the Investment Committees of International Hedge Funds and an active Investor in World markets. Currently, a Board member of ATE Bank.

Holds a Diploma in Chemical Engineering of Patras University in Greece, a DBA from Cardiff Business School University of Wales, and an MBA from CASS Business School of City University; also, holds certificates from TEE, SFA and the HCMC in Market Making & Asset Management.

Coordinator Panel III

Haritakis Nikolaos,Ph.D. - Vice-Chairman & CEO T.A.NE.O S.A.

  Mr. Haritakis is an Assistant Professor in Economics in the University of Athens.

In the past, he has served as Secretary General on Privatization of the Ministry of Industry Energy and Technology and lately as CEO of the Greek Tourism Development S.A.

He has also served as an Advisor at many private companies. Dr. Haritakis holds a Ph.D. and M.A. in Economics from Clark University

Institutional Investors: Mergers & Acquisitions during the crisis

Description of the topic will be announced soon

Kalekos Athanasios - Venture Capitalist, Cross Atlantic Ventures Silicon Valley

  Mr. Kalekos has 30 years of management and investment experience in high technology. He has been the President & CEO of Conformiq, executive VP at Coware corporation and President & CEO of Sandhill Systems. Prior to Sandhill he was a general partner at Telos Venture Partners, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm focusing on early stage investments in software, IT, semiconductor and communications technologies.

He has also served as the senior VP of corporate strategy and professional services at Cadence Design Systems, where he contributed to the company's transformation from a software provider to a software-and-services solution provider which resulted

in a revenue increase from $300M to $1B over a four year period. Earlier in his career, Mr. Kalekos held senior management positions at Computervision, Xerox and Mentor Graphics. He holds a BSEE and an MSEE from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Mr. Kalekos recently formed Cross Atlantic Ventures and is in the process of raising the firm's first fund. Cross Atlantic Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm that will focus on "Transforming Hellenic Technology Innovation Into Business Opportunity."

Transforming Hellenic Technology Innovation into Business Opportunity" - The four-minute mile

For many years Greek engineers and scientists have been excelling in academia and the industry, in Greece and abroad. Greeks have a tradition of success in many international businesses, most notable the shipping business. Greek engineers and scientists outside of Greece have been successful in transforming technology innovation into large, profitable businesses. Why is it then that technology innovation within Greece has had very limited commercial success? Three predominant reasons can be identified:
1. Expectations and skills of the innovators who start new companies
2. Sufficient access to capital
3. Lack of experience in the high technology business The way to overcome each of these obstacles to success is explored in further detail.

Greece has the ability to create its own version of "Silicon Valley." When success is achieved, it becomes that much easier to replicate. Like the four-minute mile, once believed to be humanly impossible to achieve, once Roger Bannister broke the four-minute barrier, more than 15 other runners also broke the barrier within the same year.

Katsioulas Tom - Consultant to Startups Entrepreneurs, Silicon Valley

  Mr. Katsioulas located in Silicon Valley, has over 25 years of experience in marketing and business development of technology, including software, microelectronics and design automation.

He has a consulting practice assisting startup companies with business strategy, marketing revenue models of high technology and venture capitalists with technology due diligence.

Most recently, he organized a Business Acceleration Program (BAP) in Greece for prominent technology startups on how to expand globally.

Previously he was a Sr. VP of Strategy at Forte, Chair of the Industry Working Group at the Fabless Semiconductor Association which published a guide for IP business models and licensing.

Mr. Katsioulas was the founder & CEO of AmmoCore Technology where he raised over $14 million and built a unique business model.

Previously he was a strategy consultant at Synopsys Corp. and a marketing director Cadence Design Systems, where he led the growth of a product line from $50 to $300 million.

Earlier in his career he held positions in technical marketing, applications, chip design and software development at Digital Equipment Corp.

He holds a B. Eng from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut and Master's from EECS from UMass, Amherst.

From Innovation to Global Business

Description of the topic will be announced soon

Korres Yiorgos [George] - President & CEO

  Greece-born [1965], and a Model Evangelical School graduate [1983], George Korres studied Pharmacy at the University of Athens. In 1989 he started working at Greece's oldest homeopathic pharmacy [Tzivanides Pharmacy], which came under his ownership in 1992. In the years to follow, he set-up a homeopathic-remedy production lab, following the standards set by European state-of-the-art laboratories.

In 1996 he founded Korres Natural Products, with a view to producing safe, clinically effective and affordable skincare products of exceptional design. Today KORRES employs over 250 people and its portfolio includes over 400 products, produced at its Ecocert, ISO

9001 and IS0 14001 certified production unit. In Greece, KORRES products are available exclusively at over 5.600 pharmacies, while abroad, they are distributed in over 30 countries.

All KORRES formulas are developed based on herbs. In collaboration with the Agricultural University of Athens KORRES plant hunters mapped out the ideal cultivation areas for each herb based on climate and soil criteria while at the same time working towards protecting herbs threatened with extinction. Having selected the ideal cultivation area for each herb, KORRES then collaborates with that area's microfarmers, agricultural unions and local communities. The extraction of these raw materials takes place at the KORRES own environmentally friendly, certified herb extraction unit.

Working with an International Independent Scientific Board, KORRES explores the clinical benefits of natural active ingredients in relation to Biochemistry, Pharmacognosy and Clinical Dermatology.

  • Secretary of the Hellenic Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists.

  • Founding member of the Hellenic Association of Ethnopharmacology.

  • Member of the International Committee of Homeopathic Pharmacists [CIPH].

  • Member of the Hellenic Association of Aromatherapy-Phytotherapy.

  • Greek ambassador of the European Committee for Homeopathic medicines.

  • Board member of the Pan-Hellenic Association of Cosmetics industry.

Successful Business Model KORRES Natural Products. Making Business in Greece and Abroad

Description of the topic will be announced soon

Logotheti Maria - Special Secretary for the Development of International Programs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  Born in Athens, she is married and has two children. A graduate of Pierce College, she studied Economics at the Kapodistrian University of Athens and holds a D.E.A. postgraduate degree in European Economy from Pantheon-Assas Paris II University.

Since 1983, she has been a Counselor Expert at the Foreign Ministry. Her posts have included:

  • Member of the Permanent Representation to the EU in 1988, during Greece's second EU Presidency

  • National Expert to the European Commission (1989-1992), General Directorate for Coordination of Structural Policy

  • Member of the Cabinet of the Transport and Communications Minister, responsible for International and European Affairs (1996)

  • Counselor Expert - on European Enlargement Affairs and Relations with countries of Southeast Europe - on the Alternate Foreign Minister's Diplomatic Cabinet (1997-1998)

  • Expert Minister Counselor - on Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation issues, Relations with the World Bank for the promotion of development programmes and EU financial policy - at the office of Secretary General for European Affairs Plaskovitis, during the fourth Greek EU Presidency.
She has served as the national representative to the G-24 for the promotion of Trans-European Networks and to various European and international meetings. For the past five years she has served as Expert Minister Counselor to the Office of the Director General for European Affairs, focussing on coordination of the country's positions in the sectors of energy policy, climate change, economic and financial policy and the Union for the Mediterranean, while also coordinating EU cross-border and interstate cooperation programmes.

She holds a teacher's Diploma in classical ballet, and taught ballet from 1978 to 1983. She has published various articles in periodicals and the daily press on Trans-European Network issues and energy issues.

Round Table Discussion

Lymperopoulou Antigoni - Investment Manager ΤΑΝΕΟ
(New Economy Development Fund)

  She holds an MSc in Decision Sciences and i-MBA from Athens University of Economy and Business and a BS in Statistics and Economy from the same university.

She holds a professional certification in Investment Managements by the Securities & Investment Institute, approved by the FSA.

She was working at the Ministry of Economy and Finance from 1999 until 2001.

Since 2001 she works as Investment Manager at TANEO SA.

Makios Vasilios, Ph.D. - Director of Corallia Clusters Initiative

  Vassilios Makios received his Electrical Engineering degree from the Technical University in Munich, Germany and the Ph.D from the Max Planck Institute for Plasmaphysics in Munich.

He is Professor Emeritus at the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Patras, Greece and at the Dept. of Electronics of Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.

He has been involved in teaching and research in microwave and optical communications, data communications networks, LAN's MAN's, B-ISDN and ATM technology with emphasis on efficient hardware implementations and rapid prototyping, and also in

photovoltaic systems research.

He has published over 150 papers and numerous patents in the above fields.

Vassilios Makios was influential in the establishment of research and development companies in the telecom industry in Greece and abroad.

He has been awarded the silver and gold medal of the German Electrical Engineering Society.

He is a senior member of the IEEE, member of the Canadian Association of Physicists, the German Physical Society and the VDE, Professional Engineer of the Province of Ontario and the Greek Technical Chamber.

He is the Director of Corallia - The Hellenic Technology Clusters Initiative, the first of its kind, explicit, well-organised, systematic, strategic (with long-term scope) national cluster initiative in Greece, which aims at boosting competitiveness, entrepreneurship and innovation, through regional-development cluster-supporting activities. More information about Corallia is available on the website:

Corallia as an innovation catalyst: The development of the mi-Cluster

With the aim to boost competitiveness, entrepreneurship and innovation in technology segments, where Greece has the capacity to attain a worldwide competitive advantage, Corallia acts as the catalyst among all the key players required for achieving this goal.

The mi-Cluster, the first strategically structured with long term scope cluster in Greece, will be showcased, as a successful cluster development program in Greece.

Markopoulos Antonis, Ph. D. - Special Secretary of Digital Planning

  Special Secretary holds a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens and a degree in Informatics and Telecommunications from the University of Athens.

Mr. Markopoulos has rich academic experience in Research and Development projects and worked for many years in the private sector as well. He has participated in Integrated Information Systems Development and innovative Web Services Development projects. In addition, he has roundly worked on European Support Framework procedures, on the management of major works for the 3rd European Support Framework and the National Strategic

Reference Framework, particularly in the ICT and Digital Planning Sector.

He has more than 25 academic publications in international conferences, books and magazines regarding Next Generation Wireless Networks and Web Services.

Round Table Discussion

Mitkas Periklis, Ph.D. - Professor at
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept

  Prof. Pericles A. Mitkas received his Diploma of Electrical Engineering from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 1985 and an MSc and PhD in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University, USA, in 1987 and 1990, respectively.

Between 1990 and 2000 he was a faculty member with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Colorado State University in USA.

Currently, Dr. Mitkas is a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Director of the Information Processing Laboratory. He is also Faculty Affiliate of

the Informatics and Telematics Institute of the Center for Research and Technology - Hellas, where he directs the Intelligent Systems and Software Engineering Laboratory.

Prof. Mitkas teaches Databases, Software Engineering, and Data Mining courses at the undergraduate and graduate level. His research interests include databases and knowledge bases, data mining, software agents, enviromatics and bioinformatics. His work has been published in over 200 papers, book chapters, and conference publications. He is the co-author of a book on Agent Intelligence through Data Mining.

Prof. Mitkas has been the coordinator of several European and national research projects. His research team received the 1st prize in the 2010 International Trading Agent Competition (TAC 2010) at Harvard University with the agent Mertacor.

From the Research Department to the Open Market. Problems and Opportunities

Software agents constitute an advanced programming model that supports learning, decision making, autonomy, and adaptation to the changes in a dynamic environment. Agents can participate in electronic trading, assuming the role of seller or buyer, and can complete electronic transactions representing their owner. They can engage in electronic negotiations and participate in auctions following the constraints and satisfying the desires of their owner. Agents can monitor industrial processes, such as production and/or distribution of goods, and try to optimize them with timely actions learned through machine learning techniques. On a more personal level, agents can continuously search the web discovering new knowledge, opening new markets, and returning information tailored to the specific needs of the user.

Our talk will outline the basic characteristics and capabilities of the software agent technology and present an array of representative applications with emphasis on e-commerce and energy markets. We will also present highlights of the 2010 International Trading Agent Competition, which took place in Harvard last June, and where the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki team took 1st place in the Market Design Game and 3rd place in the Ad Auctions Game with the agent Mertacor.

Palantzian Onic - Co-founder of Capital Connect
Mutual Fund Management SA Venture.

  Onic Palantzian is a seasoned Venture Capitalist with 18 years of professional experience in Europe and the USA. He co-founded Capital Connect Venture Capital fund in 2003, which invests in medical devices, consumer goods, information technology and clean-tech companies. Onic has been spearheading the fund's clean-tech investment practice since the early days and became the founding investor of two clean-tech companies, Herco & Mavin.

Previously, Onic headed the international expansion of the leading mobile marketing company Velti Plc. Prior to that, he founded two sister information technology companies which pioneered the concept of online address change; ihavemoved Ltd in London and

ichziehum GmbH in Hamburg. The companies became synonymous with online address change and were acquired by their key competitors Royal Mail PLC and Deutsche Post AG. In the early 1990s, he financed and operated shipping and information technology companies at Eagle Financial Partners LLC.

As an advocate for entrepreneurs and socially-responsible growth, Onic regularly speaks in entrepreneurial conferences and Universities. Onic studied in Boston and earned a BSc in Management from Bentley and a CSS in Business Administration from Harvard.

Models of Investment new business in the Greek market. Problems and Opportunities for growth start ups

Description of the topic will be announced soon

Panayotopoulos Litsa - Treasurer & Chair of Innovation and Education Committee
American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce

  Mrs. Panayotopoulos is the Managing Director of M2M Solutions, Consulting Services.

She has served in managerial positions and as Managing Director in multinational companies (Control Data, Oracle, OTE Academy, Geranos, etc.) in Greece and in many countries (US, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Africa).

She is an active member of the Board of Directors of many non-profitable distinguished organizations, among these: "American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce" (Treasurer), "Innovation & Education Committee of the American-Hellenic Chamber of

Commerce" (Chair), "I.O.B.E. - Foundation for Economic & Industrial Research", "The Hellenic-Serbian Business Council", "Junior Achievement-Greece", "Lifeline Hellas-Humanitarian Organization", "EASE-Association of Chief Executive Officers", etc.

She has served as chairperson in many other non-profitable organizations: EEDE-Hellenic Management Association, ALBA-Athens Laboratory of Business Administration, Business Association, etc).

She studied at the London University and holds an MSc in Computer Science.

Conference Opening

Parthimos George - Founder and CEO of Miroamer, Australia

  George Parthimos is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Mi Media Holdings Limited, a digital media company he founded in 2003 and listed on the Frankfurt Open Market (Deutsche Borse) in 2009.

The Company's flagship product, miRoamer, is a category-leading software solution for enhanced Internet radio entertainment, which can be installed in a variety of consumer electronic products, including car radios, smart phones, gaming consoles and audio-visual equipment from televisions to home stereo systems. Users have access to media content from a common platform, using as many electronic products as they wish.

miRoamer is licensed by some of the world's biggest and most prestigious automotive and consumer electronics companies.

George has over 20 years of ICT experience predominately in the Internet, infrastructure and portfolio management areas.

He has held management positions in the telecommunications, technology, banking & Finance, and Government sectors.

He holds a Bachelor of Business (Computing) Degree, a Graduate Certificate of Management, and is a certified PRINCE2 project management practitioner.

George was recognised by Bulletin Magazine as a member of their 2007 "Smart 100" list, which highlights the 100 brightest individuals in Australia.

From start-up to commercialisation - Doing business in the global market economy

Description of the topic will be announced soon

Pilitsis Loukas - Head of Venture Capital & Private Equity
Piraeus Bank

  Mr. Loukas Pilitsis is the head of Venture Capital and Private Equity for Piraeus Bank and CEO of Piraeus Equity Advisors. Piraeus Bank is one of the top Greek financial services institutions, with strong presence in CE and SE Europe, along with presence in the US and London.

Mr. Pilitsis joined Piraeus Bank in early October 2009.

Previously, he was with State Street since 1995.

State Street is a leading global financial services provider serving some of the world's most sophisticated institutions, with operations

in 25 countries.

Loukas held senior positions in investment banking, corporate venture capital & private equity, strategy development and risk management in Boston, US and London, UK.

His most recent role with State Street was the Pan European Chief Administrative Officer, European Executive Board. In that role, he was responsible for Pan European strategy development, M & A and P.E. supervision and co-management of the European corporate functions.

Loukas holds a law degree from Athens University Law School, an LLM from Boston University Law School and an MSF from Boston College, both in the US, and he is a graduate of the Executive Development Program from the Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania, USA

Private Equity Funds & Venture Capitals. Prospects and Future

The Private Equity sector has played no role in the problems that produced the current capital markets crisis: Globally, the leverage of the companies in which it invests has averaged 2.2 to 1, compared to up to 30 to 1 in the institutions whose failures triggered the crisis. Also, the total value of all private equity holdings are equivalent to less than 5 percent of corporate stocks.

Furthermore, PE investments involve individual companies across many sectors of the economy which creates a needed diversification. In Greece, due to the structure of the economy with the existence of many private companies, the PE sector has the opportunity to provide services highly-valued and needed by the market, and many of the services could prove very useful in promoting an eventual recovery. Now it is a great time to provide struggling but generally well managed companies with the needed capital to weather the crisis at realistic valuations and shape/consolidate markets for future growth, leading to an eventual economic recovery. The necessary will to identify and invest in firms that, with changes, could achieve profits and providing those firms with new capital, advice and expertise, new management, internal reorganization, and strategic acquisitions or partnerships that increase these firms' sales and employment, will be a challenge for the country but can assist the road to recovery.

Siokos Stavros, Ph.D. - Head of Asset Management,
Wealth Management & Private Equity. Piraeus Bank

  Stavros Siokos,an established executive in the international banking market, has undertaken duties as Head of Deposits & Investment Management (Asset Management, Wealth Management, Private Equity, and Alternative Investments) in Piraeus Bank in April 2008.

Mr. Siokos holds an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Patras, Greece, as well as a Master's degree in Computers and a Ph.D. in Operational Research from the University of Massachusetts, USA.

For many years he served as Managing Director with Citigroup,

London, where he was Worldwide Head of Sales regarding alternative stock exchange transactions, as well as head of the company's sales and acquisitions strategy teams, and head of the development and products strategy team for all pension funds and insurance companies in Europe.

Mr. Siokos is also the author of many academic papers and several books.

What is the role of banks in the new development platform?

Description of the topic will be announced soon

Staikouras Christos, Ph.D. - Deputy Head of Policy for the Economic Sector of New Democracy


Round Table Discussion

Stratakis Dimitris - Co-founder and CEO. U & S UNISMACK S.A.

  Dimitrios Stratakis did his undergraduate degree in Reading University where he received a BSc in Business Economics & Organizational Studies (2000).

He followed with a Masters Degree in International Finance & Banking in CASS Business School (2001).

In 2006 he also completed a MBA in INSEAD (France/Singapore).

He worked in D.O.L. (Lambrakis Press S.A.) as a Project Manager for a cost analysis project that divided overhead costs to the final products of the group.

He was member of the board and worked during different periods in the family business 'CIBUS SA' which in 2001 was merged with the leading bakery business in Greece KATSELIS SA. After the merger, 'CIBUS' kept operating as a separate business unit of KATSELIS SA and Dimitrios was part of the management team until 2007.

In 2006 he co-founded with his family and is the Managing Director of 'UNISMACK SA' which is producing innovative food products that contain no gluten. UNISMACK has started its commercial activity in 2008, it is mainly export oriented and in 2010 they launched their new brand "Wellaby's" which is already available in Greece, USA and other countries.

Dimitrios lives in Thessaloniki and is a board member of the NGO YMCA of Thessaloniki.

Competitive Business Startup Models in the Greek Market

Description of the topic will be announced soon

Tessaromatis Nicholaos, Ph.D. - CEO & CIO of EDEKT Asset Management

  Dr Tessaromatis is Chief Executive and Chief Investment Officer at EDEKT Asset Management and a Professor of Finance at ALBA Graduate Business School. EDEKT manages pension fund portfolios on behalf of IKA-ETAM.

Dr Tessaromatis has spent several years in the City Of London at senior portfolio management positions. Before his return to Greece, he was Principal and Head of Research and Product Development at Gartmore Investment Management, the investment management subsidiary of National Westminster Bank. He was responsible for the development of all structured investment products, including global tactical asset allocation, global bond and currency strategies,

quantitative stock selection and market neutral and dynamic asset allocation strategies. He was a member of the Fixed Income executive and strategy committees. Before Gartmore, he was Senior Quantitative Analyst at Hermes Investment Management (the investment manager for the British Telecom and Post Office pension funds).

He has been lecturer in Finance at Warwick Business School and director of the ETBA-NatWest mutual fund company. He is Honorary Research Fellow at Cass Business School.

Dr Tessaromatis studied at the Aristotles University of Thessaloniki (BA in Economics), the Open University in the UK (BA in Mathematics and Statistics), the University of Exeter (MA in Finance and Investments) and Manchester Business School (PhD in Finance)

Coordinator Panel I

Tsigos Dimitris - Founder & CEO - Virtual Trip

  Dimitris Tsigos is the Founder & CEO of Virtual Trip, a leading entrepreneurial ecosystem of 14 dynamic start-ups, 12 based in Greece, one in Madrid, Spain and one in Akron, Ohio, US. The Virtual Trip entrepreneurial ecosystem is the evolution of the first successful Greek student start-up, founded in September 2000 at the Science and Technology Park of Crete. Since the end of 2009 Virtual Trip is a Gold Member of EBAN - The European Business Angels Network as an early stage investments fund.

Dimitris received a BSc in Computer Science from the Department of Computer Science, University of Crete, in January 2001 and an MBA from the Athens University of Economics and Business, Department

of Management Science and Technology, in December 2005. He has been guest researcher at the Computational Vision and Active Perception Laboratory of the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm and member of the Networks and Telecommunications Group of the Institute of Computer Science at the Foundation for Research and Technology, Hellas.

In May 2006, Dimitris was nominated the Special Prize of the University of Crete for Continues Entrepreneurial Development and he served as President of the Hellenic Informatics Union from May 2007 to April 2010. In July 2008 he was elected President of the Hellenic Federation of Young Entrepreneurs Associations and in November 2009 Vice President & Treasurer of YES - European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs. In February 2010 he was one of the co-founders of the "Mediterranean, Africa and Middle East Young Entrepreneurs Network".

Coordinator Session II

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