"Can Private Equity, Venture Capital and Startups
be one of the Solutions
to the Problematic Greek Economy"

About the Forum

For a 2nd year, Financial Academy organizes the 2nd Private Equity & Startups Forum in Greece in a very critical moment for the Greek Economy and society.

The aim of the forum is to bridge Investors (private equity from Greece and abroad) seeking viable and competitive business models and Entrepreneurs who are looking for strategic partnerships and investment funds, in order to make its economy responsible, viable and competitive in the international arena. Only with a strong economy, things can be driven to a new era.

Two days will host a series of Entrepreneurs and Investors (from Private Equity to Business Angels) presenting their cases and sharing their experiences acting or trying to act in the worldwide markets

Greek minds offer innovative thinking with an appetite for risk. Today's economic structure in Greece was not appropriate for entrepreneurs to start and flourish their businesses. Instead, there are too many paradigms abroad with Greek businessmen excelling on all kind of industries.

So, the questions remain: Are there international Successful models and methods to apply in Greece for Greek Startups and Can PE and VC help igniting the Greek economy and become a solution to the current situation creating new jobs and retaining good minds in the country?

The speakers will try to highlight the tremendous opportunities that exist in Greece, during this critical period.

Two Round Tables will take place with the topics:
On the 1st day "Can Private Equity, Venture Capital and Startups be one of the Solutions to the Problem of the Greek Economy?"
on the 2nd day "Applying International Successful Methods in the Greek Startups Market".

The conference is primarily aimed not only to create an environment of positive messages but also to guide stakeholders in the right direction for their business activities.

You will be able to hear speakers from Greece and from abroad, having the opportunity to learn about the latest developments and trends not only in the Private Equity but in the digital and traditional industries.

Some of the topics that will be discussed in the panels are:
  • What are the tremendous opportunities that exist not only for established businessmen but also for young entrepreneurs in the current period?
  • How an investor can apply International Successful Methods and Models in the Greek Startups Market? Can we replicate the Silicon Valley success?
  • How the Private Equity and Venture Capital industry can contribute to the transition of the Greek Economy?
  • Criteria for Private Placements. Investments in small startups with high risk or "mature" companies?
  • Understanding disruption in the mobile industry
  • Investment Models and new business in the Greek market.
  • Problems and Opportunities for growth startups.
  • Which countries are the most appropriate ones to set up a Startup?
  • CleanTech Investments: Fundraising and entrepreneurial strategies in the Smart Grid.
  • Innovating in Greece. Is it possible?
  • Small country BIG BUSINESS
  • Greek Startups and Entrepreneurship in the Mobile Arena
  • How an Entrepreneur can be Cost Effective and successful by utilizing all means of technology today?
  • What is the relation of Innovation and Funding for Startups?